44 Sound Effects of Horns & Sirens

Audio Sound Effects Pack comes in a zipped file of 44 MP3 Files

These audio files can be used by music producers, motion graphics professionals, digital designers, videographers, video editors, marketing pros, DJs, Podcast DJs, TV & Commercial editors, and anyone needing to have similar types of sound effects.

Common projects might be mixing audio loops, making videos, clipping audio files, creating DJ drops, creating Podcasts audio clips, motion graphics projects, 3D animation videos, event MCs, and music and audio producers.

Over 40+ Audio Files including:
- Airhorns, alarms, air horns, car alarms, warning sirens, fog horns
- Police sirens, fire truck horns, emergency disaster horns, ambulance sirens, rescue sirens, squad sirens, car crash sound effects, fire engine sirens

Instant Download 2 zipped audio files upon purchase os you can get to work right away!

44 Horns & Sirens Audio Sound Effects Pack MP3 Files


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