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what does your brand say about your company?

Branding & Corporate Identity

Solseed Marketing Group takes a design forward approach to Marketing initiatives. The vision of your company should look professional, be easily identified, and help to create brand loyalty. 

Corporate Identity, Logo Design, Branding
Corporate Identity

Establishing your company's identity goes beyond an icon and a name. To determine a road map for strategic implementation, you must have a strong Mission, Message, and a unique Vision Statement. Solseed works with you and your team to establish your Business Identity and helps you form a Road Map

for Success.

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Logo Design and Redesign

As the visual cornerstone for your company's brand, your company's identity is expressed through your logo along with your business name. A professional logo will allow for an easy understanding of what your company does and what it represents. The logo creates the foundation for the rest of the branding as it incorporates the colors, typefaces, and portrays a tone as to what to expect from your business.

Logos are used for business names, events, services, products, programs, teams, applications, solutions, groups, divisions, magazines, newsletters, and more.

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Logo Design, Branding
Company Branding
Company Branding Guideline

The Branding Guideline ensures consistent brand representation and provides information, tools while setting standards for using brand names, logos, fonts, and other design elements through all forms of communications such as website, social media, signs, business cards, advertisements, brochures, newsletters,

and packaging.

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Brand Positioning & Positioning Statement

Brand Positioning occurs whether or not a company is proactive in developing a positioning strategy or statement. However, if a strategy is conceived and

implemented, it can positively influence its ideal targeted customers while following a more defined path.


Creating a Brand Positioning Statement can guide marketing, sales, and operating decisions while driving proper execution. This positioning statement can help when making key decisions that affect your customer’s perception of your brand.

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