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Whether you're offering services or products, a powerful marketing strategy starts with identifying your ideal clients and customers. Then creating a plan of action to drive specific results. 

Are your communications getting to the key decision makers?

Strategy Marketing
Marketing Strategy & Implementation Planning

Creating an effective Marketing Strategy requires a deep knowledge of the industry, the consumer or client, and the product or service offering. Solseed Marketing Group researches, strategizes, and puts an implementation plan in place. These proven methods are designed to drive results and allow easy modification as the program develops. 

Email Marketing & Newsletters

Whether you're offering services or products, a powerful marketing message sent through email campaigns can develop relationships, encourage more sales, and create an easy and reliable connection to your clients and customers. Email marketing delivers personalized messaging and allows for useful company, service, and product info to be shared routinely.

The technology behind the email marketing is perhaps the best part. With modern day email platforms, businesses are able to segment their contact lists, create nurture and retention campaigns, and see real-time data as a result.

Solseed Marketing Group offers a variety of services within email marketing. We can create custom copy and content for B2B and B2C, create lush or simple designs using UX and sales techniques, and provide useful information about each campaign so the sales team can follow up with real opportunities for sales or have insight of who their interested buyers are. 

Are your communications getting to the key decision makers? Has your current email methods gone flat? Perhaps you are needing to establish new email marketing efforts. Solseed can help you every step of the way in this process so you can increase your sales in an effective way.

Email Marketing
newsletters, digital pdfs
Digital Magazine and Digital PDFs

Content is king, right!? 

Well now is live/digital content that consumers want to see. They need to make quick decisions to ensure they deliver the needs they have rapidly. Online sales slicks, digital pdfs, live brochures, and hosted marketing materials allow businesses to easily send links embedded in an email, newsletter, or post on their website. Sharing your businesses differentiators, values, and positioning has gotten a lot easier and eliminates the printing costs.

Messaging & Copy-writing

Copy-writing requires a wide variety of knowledge and skill-sets. With an overall vision and goal of the project, the copy should match the sales pitch, company values, and product or service benefits.Using technical terms and keywords, Solseed offers copy-writing that is created to target new clients and customers to encourage new sales.

Is your message reaching your ideal clients or the key decision makers?

Marketing Research & Analysis

Marketing research drives the company's growth and increases the profitability. Clearly understanding your audience and what influences their decision making habits. Solseed identifies purchasing patterns so your sales team can better communicate messages and develop more impactful relationships. Having a deep understanding of your ideal clients will allow us to create a profile that's easily relatable and in return will drive new client sales and help identify new opportunities.

Market Research

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