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Solseed Marketing Group, known as SSMG, at is a Marketing company that sells Digital Services.

What’s the purpose of To help businesses and individuals sell and achieve more with Marketing, Communications, Development, or similar type digital services.

SSMG will provide the most accurate and professional digital services to the best of the ability of the group. Customers and clients provide information to help SSMG achieve their Marketing, Sales, Individual, & Business goals. For hourly projects and contracts, clients are expected to communicate clearly the intent of the time used and can request Proof-of-Performance, POP, in advance to work beginning. Post POP, may be requested but may not be available. Flat-rate projects are given an allotment of rounds for revisions, most projects are to be executed in 1-2 rounds unless otherwise approved. For optimal flat-rate projects, clients and customers are expected to provide the most accurate information possible and in condensed format to avoid additional fees beyond the project-based scope-of-work. All work will be completed as soon as possible, contingent on client communication timing and the scope-of-work. All sales are final. SSMG is not responsible for communication misinterpretations, errors including spelling or inaccurate content or data, inaccurate portrayal of displays, graphics, or content. The client is responsible for the project as a result of the process of working with the SSMG team on a project or hourly rate. 

The services offered by the SSMG team is for the sake of being an outsourced marketing, sales, and business development service. SSMG provides services with the information given to us. or will create copy-placement for the client to review and modify as needed. All sales are final. SSMG is in no way responsible for any printing confirmations, printing fees, data checking, infringement reviews, creating plans, or validating the validity of info, data, or content provided.

Any information not included in the planning due to lack of knowledge is not at the responsibility of SSMG. SSMG does not provide any printing at all and is not responsible for any printing costs at all. SSMG does not reimburse for any incorrect printing costs at all which includes but is not limited to: digital printing, press printing, marketing materials, branded materials, signage, 3d printing, banners, sales materials, product branding, product labeling, merchandise, etc. Clients must confirm all design files before sending to the printer of their choice including content including but not limited to: images, logos, wording, graphics, measurements, models specs, names, contact info, call-to-actions, etc.

Interpretation of designs and materials may be misconstrued on either side and as a result we do provide 1-2 rounds of revisions - any additional changes, may require a fee. It is at the responsibility of the customer to ensure the communication is very clear on the final expectations. The final project depiction is only as good as the clear and well-thought out plans submitted to the SSMG team. The customer ordering the service is the responsible party for the details included in the project. Our team gladly will add any details, if it’s included in the plans given to us. Customer ordering the digital services, must provide all information that needs to included into the project in the initial stage of the project.

Once the project has started, the customer will receive the files and will have a chance to change the file details with 1 to 2 rounds based on project complexity and scope-of-work. Customers will have up to 30 days to submit changes to the designs and passed this timeframe, there will be no edits available. SSMG does not host the project files passed the 30 days and will need to be re-created as if it’s a new project which requires a new project to be purchased. All communications of projects, new or revisions, are to be sent via email to most optimally track and manage your project. If videos are to be sent to further explain your project needs, you must include in the email to look out for a video to go along with your project info or revisions. Video files can be sent from a variety of sources that must be discussed with the Project Manager you are assigned to.

All projects are to be paid in advance. All purchases are non-refundable due to the nature of the time it takes to develop the digital files. No refunds are to be issued at all. SSMG will make every effort to comply with requests given within the parameters of the process agreement. Once beyond the scope-of-work, the customer is responsible for paying an additional fee to make any additional changes. SSMG requires all clients and customers to read the Terms & Conditions before projects are purchased or the beginning of the work.

SSMG has the right to accept or deny any customers based on failure to provide correct info or in a timely manner. SSMG has the right to accept or deny projects that do not meet criteria of project scope-of-work, that may be beyond our team’s capabilities or projects that the SSMG team is not selling at that time. To determine if your project will be accepted, please contact our team to confirm that we will be able to meet your project’s needs. For more information on what’s needed to be included, please contact us or reference the online order forms.

All rights reserved, including the right to produce digital files. No repurposing of digital assets are to be sold or formatted thereof in any form to be resold whatsoever.

The files  and services at SSMG or parts thereof may not be reproduced in any form, stored in any retrieval system, or transmitted in any form by any means—electronic, mechanical, photocopy, or otherwise—without prior written permission of SSMG, except as provided by United States of America copyright law.

Agreeing to terms & conditions

Before purchasing from this site or other branded SSMG marketplaces or platforms, customers will be required to agree to these conditions on the checkout page. By clicking “Checkout” upon the cart review page during checkout, you are agreeing to the terms set above.

Terms & Conditions

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